About us:

Stonewain System Inc. provides world class software and solutions for the securities finance industry. We believe that this market is ready for a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that combines a high level of industry specific functionality with leading edge technology and automation to deliver the greatest operational efficiencies to clients.

At Stonewain, we combine scalability with customization and flexibility with stability to deliver a complete solution that meets all the industry needs while accommodating your specific business requirements. We are committed to client success and satisfaction.

Our Core products and services include

  • Our state of the art securities finance platform
  • Customized enhancements and software solution development
  • Implementation and integration
  • Software support services

Our Team:

Our founding members bring more than 70 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. They bring in a high level of technological expertise along with a strong vision for creating a new industry standard.

Our Vision:

At Stonewain, we are committed to creating a new industry benchmark that rests on functionality, innovation, automation and efficiency. Our Securities finance technology platform uses leading edge technology and world class standards to deliver a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that is scalable, flexible and customizable to meet all your business needs.

Our Philosophy:

Our Philosophy as a company is easily recognizable in all aspects of our business including our team, our products and our services

  • Passion for what we do
  • Dedication to innovation and improvement
  • Accountability to highest standards
  • Commitment to efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction