Stonewain's Spire is an industry leading modular and scalable securities finance platform.

When you survey your financial landscape from a position of advantage, you're better able to move quickly, make informed decisions, and reduce your costs.

  • Agency Lending
  • Stock Borrows, Loans and Regulatory Locates
  • Collateral Management and Optimization
  • Cash Management

Spire offers a position of strength-

  • Improve risk management and control
  • Accelerate workflows
  • Achieve major operational efficiencies
  • Make faster trades

Add Spire to your technology array. As a comprehensive, fully-integrated front-, mid-, and back-office solution Spire's architecture integrates with your preferred technology choices, consolidating workflows and beautifully interlacing with proprietary systems.

Compatibility and integration are just the start.

We understand that flexibility, adaptability, easy migration and seamless integration are capabilities of paramount importance in the evolving financial market environment. Our solution offers valuable features, including export/import, MQ messaging, web services, and compatibility with key applications such as Loanet, EquiLend, Data Explorer, and more.

Positions and Trades

Access on-demand, real-time information related to positions, collateral, investments, and trades with our flexible data structure


Enjoy advanced accounting functionality including general ledger, accrual basis, gross/net income calculations, earning split, P&L, and performance reporting for transparency and better control over trades and investments

Static and Security

Secure data with built-in enhancements such as multifactor authentication, Security Master, user setup, access control, relations setup for clients, counterparty, and other accounts by controlling level of access and capability

Risk Analysis and Compliance

Ensure that your risk exposure is contained and compliance requirements are met by evaluating trade limits, pre-trade compliance testing, post-trade exposure management, settlement, and regulatory compliance


Receive daily and monthly report packages, operation and trading reports, client portal reports, as well as various on-demand reports and subscriptions


Add operational capabilities such as Instruction Batching, DTC Settlement, SWIFT Instruction, collateralization management, and more for your unique business requirements

Loanet, EquiLend, Data Explorer, and other trade names are the property of their respective owners.

The Stonewain Securities Lending Platform runs on:

Environment Supported Products
Server OS Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux, Windows Server
Database Oracle 10g or higher
Client Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox, Chrome, Webservices, etc.
Java VM Java 5 or higher