At Stonewain Systems, an EquiLend Company, we pride ourselves on our investment in our people. Find out more about our culture and opportunities to join us below. 


Four years ago, I became a part of Stonewain Systems, an EquiLend Company, driven by a vision to draw in talented individuals to enhance the capabilities of our current team. Our mission isn’t solely about recruiting; it’s about cultivating a culture that resonates with a diverse array of individuals genuinely passionate about securities finance. Our commitment is evident, with candidates from our Internship Program advancing to permanent roles at both our Chandigarh and Pune offices. Learn more about the essence of Stonewain Systems from our team members below and explore the promising opportunities we offer.

Amrit Brar

Assistant Manager (HR) at Stonewain Systems, an EquiLend Company

Our Values


We’re a global firm with a connected culture. With Teams we are supported in being able to see and speak to one another, everywhere anytime. As the world opens up and greater in-person opportunities are available, we see ever more community growth across our offices.


We cultivate an empathetic culture where managers aim to support and develop their teams, which can range from graduates to long service colleagues. We offer flexible options for colleagues as we understand the importance of a sustainable work/life balance.


We look to recruit in and out of our sector to ensure we attract the best candidates from any field. We work with local educational programs and key colleges and universities to recruit graduate rotational program applicants from a range of backgrounds.

Colleague Testimonials

Manish Gupta

I’ve had the privilege of being with Stonewain Systems for a significant period, and it’s been an incredible journey. The dynamic work environment and talented team have played a crucial role in shaping my professional expertise. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have not only helped me enhance my skills but also fostered innovation and a drive for new challenges. My contributions have made a significant positive impact on our organization. 

Sanjeev Kumar

I’ve had a remarkable 15-year journey at Stonewain System, an EquiLend company. I started as a web developer, expanded into Oracle Technologies, and gained expertise in various finance modules, guided by experienced mentors. Today, I lead the Enterprise Application Integration project and appreciate the fair management policies and personal growth opportunities. 

Ashok Sharma

It’s been more than 9 years working at Stonewain Systems and it has indeed been a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunities and challenges to foster and grow both professionally and personally. I have not only learned a lot over these years about my own domain in quality and IT security but there has also been a lot cross cross-functional learning which has helped in the overall growth of my career here. It’s a great place to work. 

Harpreet Kaur

Through the last 3 years, My overall experience working with Stonewain Systems have been great. They have provided me with various opportunities to grow professionally. It’s a very good place to work with where your ideas are always  acknowledged. 

Our Internship Program

In 2023, we have onboarded 21 Graduates to join the Stonewain Internship Program across our Chandigarh and Pune offices. 

Our Internship Program Intake is in early January, running for 6 months. 

We run placement drives at prominent colleges around Chandigarh and Pune. The Placement process opens each September. 

Keep an eye on our vacancies portal for the next opportunity. 

Employee Resource Groups


Our dedicated Committee has a history of promoting generosity, working towards creating significant positive shifts in our local and international communities. As a business, we support a variety of charitable entities, notably in our global office locations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Established to foster, advocate for, and sustain a company culture where mutual respect, valuing differences, and equity are at the forefront for employees from all walks of life. The Committee is committed to providing opportunities for rich interaction, uniting the varied individuals, viewpoints, and ideas that fuel the company’s progress.


At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to promoting and living out our expansive ESG values. We place a strong emphasis on strengthening four pivotal pillars globally: training, transparency, ownership and community.

Certifications and Awards

EquiLend Spire Named Best Software Solution Globally

Global Investor/ISF Awards 2021 & 2022

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