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Stonewain Systems is a solution-based, innovation-driven enterprise technology provider to global financial institutions

Stonewain Systems is the software development group behind the industry-leading EquiLend Spire financial technology platform. With more than 13 years of expertise in the securities finance business, Stonewain has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for securities finance market participants. More than 70 technologists make up the Stonewain team across the United States and India.

Stonewain Systems, An EquiLend Company

In 2019, Stonewain partnered with EquiLend, the global financial technology, data and analytics company for the securities finance industry, to offer a fully integrated securities finance platform to the global marketplace. The joint solution, EquiLend Spire, has enabled securities finance market participants to manage their book of business on a single, comprehensive and integrated platform.

In 2021, the two firms strengthened their partnership, with EquiLend acquiring a majority stake in Stonewain. The partnership is aimed at delivering upon the unprecedented demand and need in the securities finance industry for swift modernization, greater automation, increased efficiencies and lower costs.

EquiLend Spire Named Best Software Solution Globally

Global Investor/ISF Awards 2021 & 2022

What Does EquiLend Do?

EquiLend’s solutions are designed for efficiency, automation and innovation in the global securities finance marketplace. EquiLend’s solutions cover everything a firm needs to power their securities lending, collateral or swaps business with Trading (NGTEquiLend Clearing ServicesSwaptimization), Post Trade (Post-Trade Suite), Data & Analytics (DataLend), RegTech (SFTR, CSDR, ALD) and Securities Finance Platform Solutions  (EquiLend Spire). Our solutions, offered to agent lenders, broker-dealers and beneficial owners worldwide, deliver global access to liquidity, scalability and reduced risk. 

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About EquiLend Spire

EquiLend Spire is used by banks and broker-dealers as a front-to-back securities lending platform. The solution serves as the engine for financial institutions to power their entire securities lending businesses.

EquiLend Spire enables the securities finance industry to effectively oversee and manage their wide range of lending functions. Built with the best in-class technology, the fully integrated, scalable platform offers extensive front-, middle- and back-office support, helping businesses achieve enhanced operational efficiencies and growth. The platform was named Best Software Solution Globally by Global Investor Magazine in 2021 and 2022.

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